In which I adore bracelets...

I have been getting into Etsy quite a bit lately. I cannot seem to have enough of its charm. It's like crack. CRACK CANDY. Because such sweets as the Treasury or Colors pull you in AND NEVER LET YOU GO. Never mind, I hate Etsy.

But! As a true addict, I will never leave it. Oh, well. When you find gorgeous bracelets like those below, who really wants to leave?

Brown is one of the few colors that I feel rather neutral about (See what I did there? It's a neutral color?! ...Except that statement's actually true, as well.), but I am attracted to this well-made bracelet. The antiqued silver is just right for it, and I am loving the funky shark-tooth-looking beads interspersed throughout the piece. True craftmanship.

[Buy] here, from Mimi's Bead Studio, for $32.50.

Because I was born in June, I have been sort of forced into liking pearls because it is one of the (MANY -- well, three) birthstones that month has. I used to only like the Moonstone (Can you guess why, when everything on this sight is basically about space?! Joke.) but came around to the pretty fantastic pearl in high school. Who knew that it could come in so many colors? Not I, I assure you, or I would have come around sooner. (Just take a look at that last bracelet for more examples of the chameleon-like nature of the pearl. I like the stone even better when I compare it to lizards. Apparently.) Anyway, this bracelet. I want it. The end.

[Buy] here, from Heartdesignjewelry Handmade, for $9.80.

{image: nansglam}

Birds! I like birds! That sparrow is pretty fetching. It's like he's chirping at me, "Buy me! Buy me! Forego food and buy me! NOW. END OF DISCUSSION." I might just consider his very, um, compelling offer. Maybe.

[Buy] here, from NansGlam, for $52.

I think this design is super simple and earthy. The metal has a sort of rusty feel to it that I like because it offsets the (lone) pearl rather nicely. A white dress would complement it very well.

[Buy] here, from Laura Baillie Designs, for $20.50.

This bracelet is, by far, my favorite in this list. I fell in love with it a couple weeks ago (It was one of my first finds on Etsy.) and have not stopped thinking about it since that time. I want it so badly! But the price is definitely holding me back. Because I am a college student. Therefore I am a very bad four letter word: POOR. Someone buy it and love it for me! Look at those colors! Gorgeous!

[Buy] here, from Xanna's Jewelry Box, for $48.

{Get the font in the image from kevinandamanda.com. It's called, "Wish I Were Taller." What an adorable name!}

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