In which I am obsessed with a song...

As anyone who knows me will tell you, I am in love with
Pandora, the free streaming radio, where you make a whole station based on the music you like. It is so cool. And did I mention free? Yeah, there are a couple of ads here and there, and you can only listen to forty hours a month (It's only ninety-nine cents if you listen to more than that, for the rest of the month. How do I know that? Well, they sent me an e-mail because I was one of their customers that was "at risk" for going over the time limit because I listen too damn much. HELLO, IT'S FREE! But I digress...); however, I hear so many songs that I would not have heard otherwise!

Like "Almost," by Sarah Harmer, a Canadian artist. I worship this song. She has a captivating voice, and a folksy rhythm. The first time I heard it, I was hooked. And, interestingly enough, it was at the top of the charts in Canada, according to Wikipedia. Canadians probably hate it now because they've heard it so many times. BUT I AM NOT CANADIAN. And I still love it.


[Listen] to it for free here, at Last.fm (It will automatically start, so don't be scared.)

And then [buy] it here, at Amazon, because iTunes sucks.


{Get the font in the image at kevinandamanda.com! It's called, "Jailbird Jenna." Cute, huh?}

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